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T. Buitenhuis, BSc

I study computer science (bioinformatics) at the university of Leiden, focusing on cluster computing and theoretical computer science. My other interests include graphics design and photography.

I occasionally lead services for NUUF, a liberal religious fellowship in the Netherlands.

You may contact me by email at tb at beigeserver dot eu.

Current Projects


The Constraint-Relation Modeling Language is a visual language with similarities to UML Use Case diagrams, UML Class diagrams, and Petri Nets. CRML is meant fordescribing complex relations, including relations to relations, in situations in which both structure and behaviour of objects may change. It is the subject of my Bachelor thesis.

Version 1 is complete. A description of version 2 will appear when time allows (and after I find a better diagram editor). It is recommended that you wait for version 2.


Erlang Imaging Scheduler will be a cluster computing scheduler and remote procedure call interface for image processing tasks. The scheduler itself will be written in Erlang, and client libraries will be provided for Java, Python and C. This is my Master thesis project.

Ontologies as Hidden Markov Models

Just a proposal I’m writing, someone else will likely receive this as a Bachelor project assignment. Almost complete!


Concise and Reassuring Overview of Work will be a task management application inspired by Getting Things Done. In other words, it will be a program that helps you remember what you need to do at a time that you can do it, and much more.

I have collected all information and ideas I need and am ready to start programming, but this does have a low priority.


Where else can I find you on the web?
You can’t. I prefer to take care of my own stuff instead of using free services.
Why is the server beige?
Because it is completely unremarkable.